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Central heating boilers with 100% heat efficiency

Electric central heating systems use electricity to generate heat but not gas or oil. Culm Stores offers the best central heating boilers' prices and a wide range of products which will suit any taste and budget. Electricity is a highly efficient form of energy and is considered to be much cleaner compared to gas or oil. There are other reasons why more and more people choose central heating boilers are: - heat efficiency; - easy controlling; - advantages for the health; - environmental friendliness, etc. The type of the boiler which you should to choose mostly depends on your needs. Our consultants will answer all your questions and will help to choose the best central heating boiler for you.

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We specialise in:

  • Central heating and hot water systems
  • chemical dosing pot
  • electric boilers for home heating
  • electric central heating boiler
  • electric central heating systems
Clum Stores Distribution Elterm Ltd